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Welcome to TM Canada


All TMC papers and proceedings are now linked to CSL Website






Treasure Mountain Canada is visioned as an extension of a research retreat project called Treasure Mountain, developed and supported by Dr. David Loertscher and colleagues in 1989. A dozen retreats since then have established this 'meeting of the minds' in school library research as a valuable catalyst for improvement based on analysis of research in the field.


TMC Objectives:

  • ·         Address the needs of 21st Century learners.
  •       Explore ideas and receive inspiration
  • ·         Alert the school community to the urgent need to refocus
  • ·         Analyze the Canadian research available and encourage further academic and site based research
  • ·         Reinvent school libraries to address evolving needs as the school learning commons
  • ·         Invite researchers, practitioners, stakeholders and policy-makers to collaborate and move forward together


TM Canada 2014 Leading Learning for the Future - Victoria B.C. Watch for details coming soon!


TM Canada 2012 Learning for the Future 


Read The PAPERS and add your comments. Enjoy!


Browse Paper Abstracts


Check out the Program


New Standards for School Libraries in Canada - Discussion of Big Concepts


 Join the conversations   



TM Canada 2010   Transforming Canadian School Libraries to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Learners  

School Libraries ACROSS CANADA 




Archived NEWS      


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