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Invitation to TM Canada 2010

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TM Canada 2010


TM Canada Papers ready for study now.  Collaborative Workspaces


Follow up to TMC Edmonton .......NOW : Time for ACTION

Follow Up


A great summary article in SLIC http://clatoolbox.ca/casl/slicv28n2/282treasuremountain.html 


An archive of tweets tagged #tmcanada can be found here: http://www.twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/tmcanada

The Program:

Wednesday, June 2nd.
Location: University of Alberta Faculty Club, 11435 Saskatchewan Drive NW; Parking $2.00 (machine); Winspear Room (upstairs)
Time: Cash Bar, Welcome, Registration: 6:00 - 6:30 PM
Dinner: 6:30 PM
Opening Presentation: 7:15 PM -- Dr Ross Todd, followed by Q&A, Table Discussions
Wrap-Up by 9:00 PM

Thursday, June 3rd.
Location: University of Alberta, Education Building South, Rooms 358/366/359. (see map attached)
Address to give a cab: Education Building, South entrance, on 87 Ave and 112 st
Parking at the Education Building (87 Ave and 114 st) - $15 per day
8:00 AM -- Continental Breakfast (with fruit, etc.)
8:45 AM -- Program starts
4:30 PM -- Program ends.
Lunch and breaks are provided. The outline of speakers/work is attached.


Link to Ray Doiron Session/Slideshow/Links

Preparing for Thursday
A. Reading the papers.
There will not be time to read the papers on June 3rd! Attached is an organizer to record the key ideas from the papers as you read them on the wiki. You do not need to print the papers out unless you really want to! All of the papers are being published into a 300+ page document, with preface, intro etc., and you will receive a copy Wednessday evening.

An additional document to scan - Learning Commons Foundation

B. Participating in the brainstorming.
The day is organized in a continuum, with Key Speakers and Table Talk Speakers. Before the day is finished, David will have us listening, contributing to joint documents, etc. Anita Brooks-Kirkland, Ruth Hall and Cindy Matthews are our "social networking team" - they will assist with tweeting and blogging; and Anita will be filming "TED Talks" for posting on the wiki, etc. You can start preparing right now by tweeting, blogging, etc.
TMC Wiki:
TMC Blog:
TMC Twitter: Hashtag is #tmcanada.

Here is Your Invitation to Treasure Mountain Canada in Edmonton and all the details regarding registration and accomodation and our working agenda. Exact locations of dinner and the symposium at the University of Alberta will be posted closer to the event.

Registration will be limited to 60 participants.


Registration for TM Canada


Attention to a slight date change!

To make it possible for participants to attend both TM Canada and CLA Conference the dates have been shifted forward by one day.

The new dates are Wednesday evening June 2nd, all day Thursday June 3rd, 2010  

Watch for registration information coming soon.





What do we believe about student learning?  About supporting teachers?

What do we believe about school library programs?






A National Research Symposium to begin the discussion will be held Wednesday evening June 2nd, all day Thursday June 3rd, 2010 at the University of Alberta, Edmonton just prior to CLA Conference.


The moderator of this first time historic Canadian event is Dr. David Loertscher Professor at the School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University

Planning Facilitators:

  • Carol Koechlin, Library Program Consultant, Speaker, Author
  • Liz Kerr, School Library Advocate, Education Director, OLA
  • Cindy Matthews, CASL Councillor-at-large: Advocacy Portfolio, TDSB Instructional Leader
  • Ruth Hall, OSLA President, TDSB SS Teacher-Librarian
  • Linda Shantz-Keresztes, CASL President, Calgary Bd of Ed SS Teacher-Librarian

We want to hear from you!

Please join us in conversation on the Your Turn page

Explore some links in Connections. We welcome additional links and suggestions from everyone interested in furthering excellent school library programs.

Tell us about your school library program. Let's hear from schools right across Canada.

Post News about your successes.



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Comments (1)

diana.maliszewski@tdsb.on.ca said

at 8:29 pm on Oct 1, 2009

I would like to attend TMC 2010, especially because I want an elementary school library perspective to be present. I'd also heartily recommend June Rysinski attend to talk about the transformations occuring in her board. I intend on writing a paper (either specifically for TMC or I will use my MEd capping paper), so Carol, please consider this notification. However, my challenge or concern is being able to afford to come to Edmonton. I have several months to try and work on that - any suggestions would be most welcome.

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