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Introduce yourself and tell us about your school library and your program.



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Joyce Riddell said

at 5:52 pm on Mar 15, 2010

I am a teacher librarian in a K - 5 section of an independent (private, K - 12) school. I currently run a fixed schedule program with one class time and one exchange during a School-Day cycle. The challenge has been to incorporate classroom needs and goals with relatively limited collaboration time. Library class provides coverage while they meet in grade teams.
I work .75 and this is my first year to have a technician covering the library on days that I am not here. She is helping a tremendous amount with the cataloguing too. She also works in the library that serves the Middle and Senior students.
Both libraries at the school are converting our automated catalogues to Follett Destiny this coming summer. It has some amazing features that will enhance accessibility to resources.
The librarian for the other library visited another private school that was using Destiny as part of their "Learning Common" - the library.
I'm in the process of developing the content that I would like to run on my library page. We have a brand new school website, and the IT workers have assured me that it will be easy to build a new page right on the site. I hope to include a readers' review blog.
We have a full-time technology teacher. Computer use and skills seem to be well integrated into the teaching and classroom goals through the Junior School.
That's a quick thumbnail sketch of the program here, now - and some of the issues and some of the changes under way in the library.
I'm looking forward to meeting others
And to hearing how you have met challenges in your teaching communities.

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