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TM2 Pres.pdf Our School Libraries June2012.pdf TMC2012_ABK.pdf TMC2012_ABK.pdf TMC Program


June 2,2012 Start time 1:30 pm

Faculty of Education, U of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall LMX-477, 145 Jean-Jacques-Lussier, U of O.


Keynote: Dr. Valerie Steves - Young Canadians in a Wired World

Background Reading http://mediasmarts.ca/research-policy

Young Canadians in a Wired World – Phase III Teachers' Perspectives
Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III: Talking to Youth and Parents about Life Online


Challenge #1 How should the School Library Learning Commons respond to teacher, parent and student concerns about working and learning with technology?


Wired World Spreadsheet


Ontario Panel – Moving forward with T4L Implementation

Imagine Your Library video

  • Phillip Jeffrey - Slides
  • Anita Brooks Kirkland -  Slides
  • Jeanne Conte -  Slides
  • Ruth Hall & Cindy Matthews - TDSB The Library and Learning Commons K-12: Teaching and Learning Expected Practice Series


Challenge #2 How can the School Library Learning Commons engage active support with educational leaders (local, provincial, national)?


Group1     Group2     Group3     Group4     Group5           

 Social 6:30

Dinner 7:15

Dessert Speaker Ray Doiron Confronting the ‘Crisis of Significance” in 21st Century School Libraries - Slides

June 3 Starts 8:00am - Concludes 12:00 noon


Let's build our professional networks. Please find a new group to work with this morning.



Please work with a partner to read and connect with the papers. We will start with those not covered in presentation. Consider the key concepts presented in the paper and record your findings in the comment space below the paper. You will have about 10 minutes for your first paper and then move on and read and respond to other papers.


Investigating other Standards

Please work with a partner or small group to investigate provincial and national standards .Look for key concepts and consider what connections the school library learning commons should be making to their agenda. Please post links to the sites you reviewed and the significance for school libraries.


Collaborative working document

Note: Unfortunately we did not have time to work on this activity however it is a critical excercise for everyone to make those connections. If you do invest time in this kind of investigation please post your results on our collaborative working document so all may benefit. Thanks


Challenge #3 Rewrite the table of contents for the new standards (main topics and sub-topics)

Post your vizualizations on this page - Table of Contents for New Standards



What do you know now?

Reflect on the ideas presented here at TMC

QUICK WRITE: I think I can.....................

What do we know now?

ACTION: We think we can......


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